The ASKO EUROPA-STIFTUNG is a legally incorporated foundation personality under civil law. It solely and directly pursues objectives of charitable causes.

It was founded in 1990. ASKO Deutsche Kaufhaus AG and the ASKO Vereinigung e. V. (both in Saarbrücken) endowed it with its foundation capital. The ASKO EUROPA STIFTUNG has its seat in Saarbrücken and is therefore located in the center of the European core region SaarLorLux and near the European decision-making centers of Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Brussels.

After the merger of the two foundations the objectives set forth in their respective charters will continue to be pursued. In line with its revised charter, the purpose of the ASKO EUROPA-STIFTUNG is to promote science and research, adult education and vocational training.

The purpose of the foundation shall in particular be served through the promotion of

scientific, educational or other institutions and organizations focused on European integration on a federal basis,

initial and advanced training of junior and senior leaders worthy of support, in particular from trading and service companies,

tolerance in all fields of culture and of the idea of international understanding in a global context,

projects in the fields of science, education and research, events, seminars, colloquia, etc. and through the granting of support in any form whatsoever for education and training, university studies and further education.

The purpose of the foundation is strategically implemented as follows:

  1. Forums of dialogue and discussion as well as European and international educational programs promote the debate on and raise awareness of Europe, the European idea and specific European policies.
  2. Information and educational events broach the effects of the ongoing European integration on working and professional life.
  3. Specific research projects and studies as well as targeted qualification activities analyze the importance accorded by society to education.
  4. Large-scale information and educational campaigns as well as generally understandable publications raise awareness of the challenges and requirements of sustainable development at the civil society level.
  5. Selected scientific research projects (in the fields of extended and targeted basic research as well as applied research), carried out in particular by departments of the University of Saarland (Universität des Saarlandes - UdS) and the University of Applied Sciences of Saarland (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes - HTW) are supported with a view to promoting Saarland as a scientific and business location.

Among other objectives, the foundation continues to focus on winning over a large part of society for the implementation and strengthening of a united, democratic, sustainable, peaceful and free Europe through appropriate events, projects and sponsorships.

Accordingly, the following objectives were defined with a view to implementing the purpose of the foundation: 

Raising awareness of and developing understanding for a united Europe in all sectors of society.

Mobilizing civil societies against the backdrop of the great challenges for Europe and the world at present and in the future, concerning in particular sustainable development.

Stabilizing and further developing a Europe that

is at the same time an opportunity and a model for the coexistence of people and offers space for cultural diversity,

accepts the political, economic and ecological challenges of globalization,

assumes political responsibility in the world and preserves peace and freedom.

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