8 new START scholarship holders selected for the 2018/2019 school year!

Together with scholarship holders from Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and for the first time also with 16 scholarship holders from Bavaria, the Protestant Academy in Frankfurt, 8 Saarland scholarship holders were solemnly accepted into the START program. 4 of the scholarship holders come from Syria and have been living in Germany for less than 4 years. Russia, Greece, Macedonia and Turkey are also represented in this new year. The commitment and added value of the cultural diversity that the young people bring with them were appropriately acknowledged by the approx. 100 guests, sponsors and partners from business, politics and society at the festive event, which took place alongside the historical backdrop of the Frankfurt Römer.

START Saar Scholarship program for secondary students with a migration background  

In 2005 the Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung and the ASKO EUROPA-STIFTUNG foundations, in cooperation with the Ministry for Education and Culture of Saarland, created the project "START Saar: scholarships for committed secondary students with a migrant background" in Saarland. Since 2007 the START-Stiftung gemeinnützige GmbH, Frankfurt, a subsidiary of Hertie-Stiftung, has been coordinating the project throughout Germany, i.e. in currently 15 federal states of Germany.

START Saar aims to accompany young people on their way to the German "Abitur" (high-school certificate qualifying for university admission), to offer them this way better opportunities for successful integration and participation in civil society, to support their commitment and to encourage them to continue to assume social responsibility.

START scholarships are granted to socially committed and gifted secondary students with a migrant background. Apart from good to very good school performances, the applicants' social, familiar and financial background is taken into account in the selection process. The scholars get a monthly educational grant as well as a laptop and a printer until they receive their school-leaving diploma. Moreover, the intensive moral support of the scholars needs to be underlined in this context. It includes many offers provided by the START-Stiftung foundation and the regional coordination in Saarland, which is in the hands of the ASKO EUROPA-STIFTUNG.

For more information about the Germany-wide START Program:  www.start-stiftung.de

START in Saarland 2018/2019

8 new stipendiaries from Syria, Mazedonia, Greece and Kazakhstan

Total number in Saarland: up-to-date 35

Total number nationwide: about 700, 1800 Alumni

START Saar Alumni: 82

Apart from several private persons, START in Saarland is supported by the following organizations in the academic year 2018/2019:


Ministerium für Bildung und Kultur des Saarlandes

START Stiftung gGmbH