The StiftungsForumSaar was established in 2011 and has since been committed to promoting networking and cooperation among Saarland's foundations. The ASKO EUROPA-STIFTUNG, Stiftung ME Saar, SHS Foundation and Stiftung Bürgerengagement Saar foundations have developed a wide range of initiatives in cooperation with three financial institutions from Saarland, i.e. Sparkasse Saarbrücken, Bank1Saar and SaarLB.

The first Saarland Foundation Conference in 2011 aimed to more closely network the Saarland foundations and to analyze the needs. Many of the themes under discussion were integrated into the 2012 annual program. In 2013 the activities focused on the establishment of a directory of foundations in Saarland and on the organization of the second Saarland Foundation Conference on November 18, 2013.

The responsible members of the StiftungsForumSaar meet every other month and prepare all activities in an atmosphere of collegial cooperation. The events are sponsored by the StiftungsForumSaar.

More information:


Michael Hartz, SHS Foundation

Steffen Kramer, Sparkasse Saarbrücken

Sonja Marx, Stiftung Bürgerengagement Saar

Dr. Christian Molitor, Stiftung Bürgerengagement Saar

Hans Joachim Müller, Stiftung Bürgerengagement Saar

Tina Mayer, Stiftung ME Saar

Speaker of the StiftungsForumSaar is Hans Joachim Müller.