Institut der Großregion

Eine regional-politische Strategie für die Großregion

Zehn Jahre danach – Welche Agenda folgt für heute auf das Zukunftsbild 2020?

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The ASKO EUROPA-STIFTUNG supports the Institut der Grossregion (IGR) in its efforts to promote the attractiveness of the Greater Region.

According to IGR, the strategic orientation of the cross-border cooperation in the SaarLorLux region was not sufficiently addressed in the last few years, so that the progress made in the implementation of the vision was not clearly recognizable.

A series of events with a focus on the vision of the future of the Greater Region took place at the European Academy of Otzenhausen. The two conferences revealed that civil society is highly interested in getting to know the strategic intermediate steps for the promotion of the Greater Region. In this respect the IGR considers its objective a challenge on the one hand, but sees itself already on the right track on the other hand, when it comes to putting the issue to public discussion now and in the future.