Project "Wissenstaucher"

Wissenstaucher können Me(h)er !

... this is the motto of the sustainability module and the training of selected START scholarship holders to become "WISSENSTAUCHER:INNEN" ("KNOWLEDGE DIVERS") by the book author and marine biologist Dr. Frauke Bagusche. She dives with the START fellows into a sea full of knowledge, full of wonders under water. Into a world whose splendor and diversity is, however, severely threatened. Education about scientific backgrounds and interrelationships, but also the examination of creative and sustainable solutions play a major role.

In this way, the young people are trained to become competent contact persons on the topics of climate change and plastic pollution of the oceans. And they help to protect the oceans - the basis of our lives. Since the beginning of 2020, they have been able to put what they have learned directly into practice.

The marine biologists Dr. Frauke Bagusche and her colleague Dr. Angela Jensen were accompanied by the prospective knowledge divers during numerous outdoor workshops, lectures in schools, all-day workshops and city festivals. They helped to supervise the participants and passed on their acquired knowledge.

From April 6-7, under the motto "Me(h)er START" - safely feasible even under pandemic conditions - an outdoor excursion with the Wissenstaucher:innen and the START scholarship holders to selected Saarland streams took place. Water samples could be taken on site and then analyzed using the well-equipped Meermobil with binoculars.