The ASKO Europa-Stiftung is a legally incorporated foundation personality under civil law.

It solely and directly pursues objectives of public benefit. It was founded in 1990. ASKO Deutsche Kaufhaus AG and the ASKO Vereinigung e. V. (both in Saarbrücken) endowed it with its foundation capital. The ASKO Europa-Stiftung has its seat in Saarbrücken and is therefore located in the center of the European core region SaarLorLux and near the European decision-making centers of Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Brussels.

The foundation exclusively and directly pursues purposes for the public benefit in accordance with the section "Tax privileged purposes" of the German tax code (§§ 51 to 68 AO).

The purpose of the foundation is to promote:

a) science and research (§ 52 paragraph 2, no. 1 AO)
b) general education and vocational training (§ 52 paragraph 2, no. 7 AO)
c) an international mindset (§ 52 paragraph 2, no. 13 AO)
d) the democratic state (§ 52 paragraph 2, no. 24 AO)
e) active citizenship in favor of purposes for the public benefit (§ 52 paragraph 2, no. 25 AO).

In accordance with the resources available, the tasks shall be performed in particular through

  • the promotion of scientific and research facilities, organizations and institutions as well as research projects and relevant events dedicated to European integration on a federal basis.
  • the promotion of basic, further and advanced education of eligible junior and senior managers from all fields of business and administration through educational programs, events and information and communication.
  • the promotion of an international mindset and cooperation, tolerance in all areas of culture and the idea of international understanding. This includes, in particular, activities such as exchange and encounter programs that pursue the goal of anchoring the guiding principle of sustainable development in European societies and beyond.
  • the promotion of initiatives, publications and programs that serve the preservation, support and development of our democratic state.
  • the promotion of active citizenship in favor of non-profit purposes by supporting activities and programs in the areas of migration and integration, the promotion of initiatives to improve civil society cooperation in the SaarLorLux region and to consolidate Franco-German relations.

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