International European Studies

Europa erleben - Experience Europe - Vivre l‘Europe

Since 2002, the European Academy of Otzenhausen (EAO) and the ASKO Europa-Stiftung have been offering a range of international study programs, which aim to give in particular students, but also young professionals and information disseminators from the field of politics and administration, a comprehensive overview of the history, structure and international role of the EU as well as topical political and social challenges.

Since almost all international study programs are organized as seminars with participant interaction, the intercultural exchange with people of the same age from other countries is one of the central program elements for the participants. In this context, the external perspective from non-EU member states or non-European countries is particularly interesting for the participants from EU states - and vice-versa.

The international study programs are organized and conducted by qualified directors of studies from the EAO in cooperation with many partner organizations and universities. As a rule, the seminars are held in English, but there are also programs in French and German.

The number of international study programs has continuously risen in recent years. At present there are approximately 22 events per year with partners/participants from 31 nations, such as the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, the Western Balkans, Russia, Spain and Ukraine. Other international programs are planned for the next few years.

Please visit the website of the European Academy of Otzenhausen to find out more about the international study programs:

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