Benefit from education – enrich Saarland!

This could be the most appropriate description of the cooperation established in 2014 between the StudienStiftungSaar and the ASKO Europa-Stiftung. By jointly funding five scholarships for students with a migration background, the two partner foundations aim to generate enthusiasm for Saarland as a place of study among future academics and specialists with their diverse potential and international competencies. Over the long term, this should result in strengthening competitiveness in the region.

Sustainability and social and voluntary commitment are central aspects of the joint project of the two sponsors, whose foundation principles include similar objectives:

The implementation of the Germany-wide START Program enables secondary students with a migration background to access higher education with moral and financial support and opens up better opportunities for successful social integration. After a three- or four-year funding period, the scholars leave the program with their secondary school diploma or equivalent degree. Furthermore, thanks to the coaching on a wide range of topics, their self-confidence has also grown and helps them perform successfully in the volatile labor market.

The ASKO Europa-Stiftung sees itself as a supporter and companion of gifted young people in the first phase of their educational career. The StudienStiftung Saar is their contact partner and mentor in the next stage. It lends both financial and moral support to students, offers them a wide range of further educational opportunities and helps establish relevant contacts for professional life. In this context the foundation relies on its vast network of companies, universities, universities of applied sciences and private sponsors.